Winter in the bay 2010 
Monday, December 28, 2009, 02:22 PM - General
For whatever reason, winter time seems to be the time of year in my life when the most changes happen.

This year I'm heading to Utah, Montana and Tahoe for some snowboarding action followed by a big move from Oakland into San Francisco at the end of January. I really like the east bay, and I have lived here since I moved to California in 3 different places. The east bay has so many great places to eat, street parking in front of where you live etc. but as I am still working at Slide and the bay bridge continues to get incrementally harder to deal with and soon more expensive Meg and I decided that the city made the most sense.

We found a cottage on Russian Hill, which doesn't seem to be your traditional San Francisco living situation but I feel that it's the best of both worlds. In the city, but without anyone above, next door or below you sharing the wall. Both of my previous places (before the current Oakland place) had people above and below which I think everyone can agree becomes irritating at one point or another. A big concern was dealing with the city laundry places and lugging around big piles of clothes, but that was also alleviated by a washer and dryer in the place!

And so I am sad to see my little family in Oakland head off in different directions, I think it will be a good move for everyone.

The holidays were a blast, so much that today I am sick as a dog and as I am probably going to be laying in bed all day I realized that was pretty dark looking, so I brightened it up, removed the jaiku box (which is a service that I stopped using quite a while ago) and decided to post an update.

This winter is really centered around snowboarding for me, I have updated a bunch of my gear (thanks Santa) and have had three trial days up at Sugar Bowl and Alpine Meadows to get a good feel for my new setup. I found that changing my stance to be a bit more open really helped my balance and alleviate the fatigue in my right quads when riding on cat tracks. Wednesday night we head to Salt Lake City (my first time skiing there) to check out Snowbird and few other SLC ski destinations. We are aware and prepared for the lacking night life (even on new years) but, I hope that we ski so hard each day that by the time midnight rolls around we are ready to crash out.

Jan 7 I will be taking a crew up to the old stomping grounds in Big Sky Montana. I am incredibly excited to get back to that mountain as it boasts some of the most amazing views and terrain I have ever seen. Hopefully I will be fit enough that I don't disappoint myself (It will be hard to compete with the former me that had been boarding everyday for 2 months).

Now I think it is time for some scrambled eggs, and a movie.

Happy Holidays!
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Houston made me have a crazy dream 
Thursday, March 12, 2009, 02:56 PM - General
I park my car at this broken down church, there are no spots so I park in the middle of the bushes, the attendent doesnt seem to be conscious.

I walk down the street looking for the unmarked front window of my massage place until I find the blue glass and head up the elevator. It opens into a wide marble floored room with a fountain and important looking people mulling around. When I get to the window of where I get my massage there is a line.

A person informs me that only one of the employees showed up today, I remember that had been a problem.

I wait and wait and more people start showing up and cutting my in line, so I pull out my laptop to get some work done.

A guy comes up to me and asks if he can check it out, as its a new one and he hasn't seen one yet. He is looking at it and I am distracted my something and he slowly starts walking over towards this curtain where I see another guy walking towards him and pulling out cash. I am about to get jacked.

I quickly cruise over to the guy without making a scene as as soon as he reaches out for the cash I find myself holding a dead cd rom drive from a computer I had in high school. I smash him over the head and take the laptop, the man with the cash runs.

I decide to leave the place, what a bad taste in my mouth.

As I get in my car and start heading down the street I notice a large basket of green bouncy balls, so I pull over to fill up my pockets, one never knows when they may need one, I also realize that I have a gun in my pocket, this must be a dream I think.

A few minutes later I am parking at a construction site that I am farmilliar with, but not sure why or how. I am unhappy about the state of the construction and start climbing around on the infrastructure. A fight breaks out, and I realize that I am able to jump off the ground as if I am on a giant trampoline, so I jump way up high. The construction workers congregate under me making dares that I can't survive a jump to the ground from where I am.. I don't know if I can or not, I am not yet able to control the bouncing power of mine.

The leader of the crew gets antsy and starts climbing up to get me, others begin to follow.

To stop this from turning into a bad situation, I distract the crew my throwing hundreds of green bouncy balls at them from my pockets, they are really into bouncy balls.

The leader isn't swayed and continues to climb, so I shoot him. He falls and bounces many times before he lands in the back of a dump truck, apparently I can control the bouncing power.

This is my construction site now, I wonder what I will do with it.
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The Case of the Lost IPHONE! 
Monday, March 9, 2009, 06:35 PM - General, Travel, Work, Events
Last Thursday Slide took the whole company (or those that were interested) on a day of skiing goodness at Northstar resort in North Lake Tahoe. The morning started at 4AM with a pint of good Jamaican rum, a flask halfway filled with top notch mescal and all my gear loaded in the back of the Golf. I arrived at work with a co-worker to see the crew of zombies wandering around the office who decided that it was a better idea to stay up all night, instead of go home and get half a nights sleep. Usually I would be one of these people -- but I guess I have fallen to the curse of moderately good sense.

Feeling well rested, I cruised by all the refrigerators in the office filling my pockets with various treats as I knew at some point in this 5 hour bus ride I would become excruciatingly hungry but I still wasn't hungry for anything at that point. At roughly 4:10AM, all 50 barely conscious people loaded the bus with staggering energy that faded to a silent slumber after about 30 minutes on the dark bus. I plugged into my phone to listen to Joe Satriani and try to catch some Z's. Two pulls of mezcal and some mellow electric guitar knocked me out cold. I awoke to the begging of a Warren Miller hi-lights real to get everyone pumped up for the day. The resident hostess was passing out various beverages and snacks for breakfast (why did I bring all this extra food, I thought).

As we cruised up the snow surrounded highway people started to get excited for the day. Upon exiting the bus we were told that anything left on the bus would be locked away until 3:30 in the afternoon, which made me start sorting through a day of skiing in my head to figure out what was absolutely necessary to bring with me.

I changed quickly behind a van and threw all my extras back under the bus. One step in my ski preperation routine is to put my iphone in a ziplock freezer bag as I know I will fall on it, and also the moisture in my jacked always somehow finds a way to wreck the screen.

Off to the powder! I have this really brief almost day dreamy memory of seeing something fall between my legs out of my jacket, but looking around I spotted nothing, however after a few really amazing runs we inevitably lost one of our crew. Sitting on the lift I went to find my phone to give them a call and see where they were, and I realized OH NO! My snow white iphone in it's zip lock was gone, the pocket was unzipped and the headphones were still there. You can imagine the sinking feeling of knowing that your 600 dollar phone jam packed with all the details about your life is now at the mercy of randomness.

My first thought was, "I should have protected my phone with a code, forcing someone to format it to get to my data". However, this turns out to have been a saving grace. Somehow I didn't let the lost phone ruin my day by convincing myself that I somehow left it in my jeans that are in my bag under the bus. Oddly enough, calling the phone went straight to voicemail meaning that it either somewhere that has no service or has been turned off. I still have no idea which of those was the case.

Towards the end of the day I headed to lost and found to no available, and then back to the bus to tap the keg and forget about my terrible mis fortune. Leaving the mountain I felt as if I was leaving a soldier behind, and that I was missing a major part of my body.

As we neared Vallejo Jacob ran up to the front of the bus where I was sitting saying that Megan needed to talk to me urgently. Apparently "Some Kid" found my phone but she was concerned that I had a concussion. Not having any idea where this concept of a concussion came from I quickly called my sister Diana to make sure there was no family catastrophe, then Jeff Olds who Megan mentioned had received this persons contact information. Upon calling this foreign number I was informed that a work acquaintance had received a pretty gnarly concussion and was in the hospital. I then received the story of how my phone was found by a 14yr old boy skipping school to go skiing but in order to appease karma they decided to make sure it got back to me.

At this point I am excruciatingly sore from hard powder snowboarding, then sitting in the same position for 5+ hours and want nothing more than to get off the bus and go home for some major sleep. The next morning I went back and forth with fedex and my good Samaritans in Tahoe City to ensure the return of my phone. I set them up with some meals out to thank them for their rare honesty.

I have to be totally honest, it was kind of nice to not receive a phone call for 2.5 days. It was actually pretty peaceful not feeling the need to compulsively check email.. but I did seriously miss the Google Maps feature. I have no idea where anything is without that sucker!

Monday morning I woke up to find the fedex arrival containing my phone that still had 60% battery and many, many missed calls. I feel extremely fortunate, and certainly have my faith in human nature restored. The minute I knew the phone was gone I instantly jumped to the assumption that some dishonest soul had adopted it and that I would never see it again.

It's always nice to get a little positive reinforcement from the powers that be, reminding me that sometimes people just do the right thing.

This week, off to SXSW -- hopefully I fill my boots with some more t0asted content.

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2:30 AM Upgrading Word Press 
Wednesday, November 19, 2008, 05:29 AM - General, Technology, QA, Web, Open Source, JavaScript, Apple
So while I wait for WordPress to upgrade, so that I can blog on I decided that I would drop by t0asted and throw out an update. This last weekend Matt Eernisse and Jeff Olds were both in town and it was Jacob Robinsons birthday so we all ate some delicious Persian food and wandered from bar to bar in Berkeley.

Saturday we all golfed Lake Chabot (the three above including Mikeal Rogers). One of the nicest golf days I have had since I moved to California EXCEPT for how darn early it gets dark. I really could have forged on for another 3 hours in the perfect temperature. I have some pictures on my phone that I will be uploading to picasaweb.

Sunday we hiked around for Cronkhite, which is one of the most scenic places I know of in the bay area. You are up in the hills on an old army base looking back towards the golden gate and down at the beach. On a nice day, I can't think of a place I would rather be.

Lots of blogging about Windmill and Mozmill going on, currently writing some tests for the Firefox Worker Threads feature which will be released in Firefox 3.1.

Now that I am dilirious and just flat out ranting, life is good, I can't wait for snow boarding season. I am considering the Epic Pass which would allow me to ski some serious pow in Colorado... $89 bucks each way to Denver, is it worth it?

Ahh, now the little duck is bouncing on my dock -- apparently it's time to go blog about some serious stuff over at my grown up blog.

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So my backpack was stolen in the Mission 
Thursday, September 18, 2008, 07:19 PM - General
Basically after a long day in Mountain View, Mikeal and Clint and I were in the Mission at Beretta and when we returned to the car, the window was busted and both our backpacks were gone. Clint was parked elsewhere -- lucky guy.

Anywhoo, the backpack contained my MB Pro, passport, checkbook, keys, and a voter registration form filled out with my address.

Pretty much the most inconvenient thing I have dealt with in a very long time. Since it was the only VW car key I had, we had my car towed to the dealership which took 5 days to get a new key and get the car programmed. I had all the locks changed on the house, and changed every single password.

I ordered a new backpack and lanyard for my keys and am slowly putting my bag back together. Obviously until I get my birth certificate etc I won't be leaving the country without a passport.. so that's on my list.

If you happen to find my stuff in a dumpster in San Francisco, feel free to give me a call - I would appreciate to have it back nonetheless.

This was certainly a reality check, even though our bags were out of view in the trunk.. people are getting desperate out there as the economy gets worse (per my last post). I hope this keeps someone out there from leaving their stuff in their car and having it disappear. The other amazing thing I noticed was that twice in two days I watched a toe person get into a car, and with the right tools it took all of 3 minutes to get the door open without a key. Makes me basically never want to leave anything in my car again.

As a wise sage once said, "A lock is an agreement between two gentlemen." And that is absolutely the truth.
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